Topics SIS.EUROPE 2023

Trends in surface inspection

  • 3D imaging
  • Alternative sensor technologies and sensor fusion • Light illumination architectures
  • Mobile inspection
  • Full surface characterization

New methods for surface inspection processing

  • Parallel inspection (detection and classification)
  • Deep learning and artificial intelligence
  • Machine vision and pattern recognition
  • Improvement of ASIS performance
  • ASIS assessment and monitoring

ASIS applications

  • ASIS at high speeds, hot temperature
  • ASIS for low contrast defects on strip
  • ASIS on slabs and heavy plate
  • ASIS on long products, as billets, bars, rods and wires
  • ASIS on long products, as tubes, pipes and profiles
  • Limits of ASIS

ASIS and Industry 4.0

  • From inspection data to quality information
  • ASIS data analytics
  • Production control using ASIS data
  • Quality tracking and reporting