SIS.EUROPE 2020: September 22 - 23, 2020, Aachen • Germany

We are looking forward meeting you at SIS 2020: Again in Aachen, Germany, on September 22 - 23, 2020.

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About SIS

Leading suppliers of surface inspection and quality assurance systems, experienced speakers and experts are waiting to welcome you at this outstanding event. If you are already using, or intend to use, automated surface inspection and quality assurance technology, or if you work in the steel and non-ferrous metals industries and are interested in surface inspection, then you should not miss the SIS.EUROPE 2020.

The Surface Inspection Summit (SIS) is the industry event for the surface inspection community. Manufacturers of OIS meet users; the active and open exchange promotes the further development of products and brings open questions to the manufacturers. Through comprehensive talks users can learn more about product developments as well as the current state of research at Germany’s renowned institutes and in industrial research projects.

Here I can meet the people I want to meet!” This was the desire that brought the Surface Inspection Summit to life in 2002 in order to bring together manufacturers and users of surface inspection systems for steel and nonferrous metals. They wanted a platform to talk about developments as well as wishes and requirements, and to lay the groundwork for a constructive and interactive cooperation.

Nearly 20 years later this goal has been achieved. In the exhibition manufacturers of OIS and OIS components will present new developments and products. At the same time, participants are available for questions and lively exchanges.

New developments from industrial and institutional research will continue to be presented in the speaking sessions. The SIS.EUROPE 2020 program will be available here in summer of 2020, as well as the participant registration form. If you don’t want to miss the program, email to sign up for the newsletter.

Important Note: No illegal antitrust topics may be dealt with within the context of this meeting. In particular no agreements on prices or quantities may be concluded.

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