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BFI Betriebsforschungsinstitut, Dusseldorf, Germany

For nearly 50 years we have been proposing and developing solutions to meet your current and future challenges. We see ourselves as your research partner, putting our special expertise and long experience at your service in translating new findings into industrial practice.

As a non-profit research institute we maintain close contacts with the process industry. Through our shareholder Steel Institute VDEh we enjoy especially close connections with the steel industry and its federations and associations. We address emerging issues of major relevance in areas such as energy efficiency, process optimisation, measuring and instrumentation technology, and industry 4.0, and make them the focus of our work. In doing so, we systematically align our structures to your requirements in order to ensure that the research process will deliver the confidentiality (security), flexibility and speed that are so essential to industry.

As a research institute we network extensively on an international scale and are very familiar with the relevant national and European funding programmes. We have the skills and expertise to build and lead powerful consortiums and to tackle new research topics together with our partners in the process industry, whether in privately or publicly funded research programmes.

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Aluminium Deutschland e. V. (AD), Dusseldorf, Germany

Aims and activities

Aluminium Deutschland e. V. (AD) with headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany, was established in its current form in 1992 in Dresden. It is an association of aluminium companies that produce raw aluminium or aluminium products, including composites with other materials.

AD’s objectives

As an industrial sector association, AD represents the interests of an efficient aluminium industry and the employment it offers with the aim of:

  • conveying the economic, ecological and technical benefits of aluminium, including in competition with other materials, and thereby increasing the use of this ‘material for future generations’
  • implementing the ecological, economic and social aims of the aluminium industry with respect to sustainability
  • continuing to determinedly pursue the implementation of sustainable development in the aluminium industry to meet the needs of the future and to do this in discussion with all groups of society.

As the representative of the aluminium industry, AD strives to maintain an open dialogue with the public in order that customers and consumers have a more transparent view and better understanding of aluminium and the products of its member companies. To this end there is a continual exchange of experience and ideas within the association; this ensures that the interests of all member companies are represented effectively, also externally.

AD and its divisions have made it their job to represent the common interests of all their members and thus the whole sector in all areas of the aluminium economy. This involves the collection and processing of market information and planned legislation at national and international level. In addition, the association carries out media and public relations work for its member companies. AD is also cooperation partner and promotional supporter of ALUMINIUM, the world’s largest aluminium trade fair.

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GSB International e.V., Dusseldorf, Germany

The GSB is a quality association and was founded in 1977. It is centrally organized and all inquiries of the approx. 180 member companies are processed directly by the headquarters in Düsseldorf.

The members are manufacturers of pre-treatment chemicals and coating materials as well as coating companies. In addition, the GSB also has supporting members such as coating equipment manufacturers. GSB-members are spread all over Europe. Some are also active far beyond the borders of Europe.

The GSB offers assured quality for coated surfaces made of aluminium and steel by defining standards that go beyond the norms of the industry in order to ensure that architects, building owners and industrial partners maintain the value and lasting attractiveness of their facades, buildings and products.

At the end of the day, a coating is only GSB-compliant if GSB-compliant pre-treatment processes and GSB-certified coating materials are used by a GSB-certified coating company.

GSB certified pre-treatment chemicals and coating materials are continuously tested.

The same applies to the coating companies that carry a GSB Quality Seal. They are audited twice a year without prior notice.

This comprehensive quality control ensures that optimum coating quality is the final result of every coating job.

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Currently, 13 industrial companies and 6 institutes of RWTH Aachen University are represented in the AMAP Cluster. The partners involved in the AMAP Aluminum Cluster agree on a pre-competitive goal as an essential prerequisite for sustainable and successful project work. The project members from industry and academia work actively and across disciplines at a physical location in Aachen.

AMAP takes a holistic research approach along the entire value chain from raw material to component as its basis to ensure sustainable benefits for their partners. They conduct basic research and practice-oriented R&D for aluminum and its alloys, and are invested innovative process technologies.

Moreover, AMAP concentrates its efforts on the promotion of R&D networking through various constellations of cooperation in consortia.