Hygiene and spacing concept

The effects of Covid-19 present us all with new challenges and require a rethink in the planning and implementation of all major events and congresses. However, with the following, constantly updated measures, our congress SIS 2021 can be held safely and without increased risk of infection. As everywhere else, however, the most important rules for our events are the same: Keep your distance, hand disinfection and wearing masks!

Corona representative
On site, there will be a contact person from TEMA AG as Corona representative. He will be at your disposal all day for any questions or comments. You can reach him either via the information desk at the check-in or via mobile phone (the number will be presented at the check-in desk).

Registration and ticket sales
Every visitor is registered electronically so that we can fulfil our obligation to document the possible chains of infection in the event of an infection. After registration and payment you will receive an electronic ticket which can be used mobile and thus allows contactless access. On-site bookings are possible via the separate (depending on the use of the disinfected workstation) or directly via your mobile device.
All employees of our exhibitors must also be registered in advance and will then be registered on site by our team.

Access control and distance control
We pay attention to a limited maximum number of people present in the entire exhibition area and conference room and our hall plans always take the new safety distances into account. In addition, in the entrance areas in front of the conference room and throughout the exhibition, the distance zones will be marked on the floor or by exhibitors and all exhibitors, visitors and staff will be asked to maintain the minimum distance of 1.5 metres at all times.
Please pay particular attention to the signposted walking routes. If you follow these, you will be automatically guided past each stand. To simplify matters, a "one-way" walkway will be implemented. This will increase the movement possibilities for visitors and exhibitors and ensure the necessary safety distance.
The counters on the exhibitor stands will be widened in the direction of the visitor walkways to maintain the distance. All exhibitors are requested to conduct discussions with visitors exclusively through this safety separation.

Obligation to wear masks
As of today (15.07.2020) the wearing of oronasal masks is mandatory. Disposable masks can be provided free of charge. The premises are also ventilated permanently or at least regularly.

Disinfection dispenser
Disinfection dispensers are available at all entrances and in the signposted areas.

Hand hygiene
Please remember to wash your hands intensively and regularly during your stay. Our cleaning teams clean all washrooms, heavily frequented areas and contact surfaces at significantly increased cleaning intervals.

No-Handshake Policy
Especially in a professional environment, polite interaction with each other is very important. Nevertheless, at all our events: No handshakes. If somebody asks you to do so, please refuse politely and inform our Corona representative. Furthermore, we would of course ask you to observe the cough and sneeze etiquette.

Avoid groups
We do everything to ensure that the minimum distance between all visitors is maintained at all times. Should you nevertheless perceive a situation in which too many people or people are standing too close together, keep your distance.

Avoid contact with people with symptoms of illness
At our entrances we take great care not to admit anyone with obvious symptoms of illness. Should you nevertheless notice this, please keep your distance and inform our Corona representative immediately. Qualified medical care (emergency doctor) is available on site at short notice at any time.

Avoid general contact areas
Even if it cannot be avoided completely: please make sure to touch as little as possible general contact surfaces, e.g. door handles. In particular, you should also avoid contact with the counters at the exhibitor stands.

Pay attention to all information and instructions on site
At the Surface Inspectoion Summit, we will carefully describe distance markings, the disinfectant dispensers and the washrooms. In addition, we publish all regulations in the exhibition area and in the conference room.

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